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Clarity Cleanse Challenge

The rush of the holiday has passed, and the calmness of a new year has arrived. I like to take stock at this time of year and reflect on what has passed and plan what is yet to come. As a esthetician and naturopath, I take some time each new year to assess my own health and I encourage you to do the same.

This month I’m laser focused on Clarity. I hope you’ll join me in taking part in our nation-wide Clarity Cleanse, happening January 10th - 20th.

The Clarity Cleanse was developed to create multiple paths of detoxification internally and topically with an overall goal to create flawless skin and support healthy digestion.

Here’s an overview of the protocol:

To address gut health, use Skin Clarifier 10-Day Detox to address mucus buildup throughout the body including sinuses, lungs, and digestive system to decrease skin congestion, including blackheads and blemishes.

To rescue compromised skin, use Epidermal Repair Serum. This uniquely powerful serum is proven to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation and activate epidermal wound and DNA repair to dramatically improve skin texture and age spots. For added support addressing inflammation and blemished skin, Skin Perfection Elixir is a must. I’ve formulated this supplement to create flawless skin and healthy digestion with edible 24-karat gold, and our exclusive, clinically proven technology.

So, If you’re thinking about how you can impact your health with new wellness objectives, join Osmosis in our Clarity Cleanse in just 6 days from now. If your goals are feeling better, looking better, or finding more balance, I’m here for you. Let’s get fired up by the vision of what you can achieve! We're excited for 2023 and can't wait to continue this journey of creating Transformative Skin Health ™.

You can call me for your kit to start with the company wide challenge! 404-723-3763

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