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Happy 2024! How are you starting your NEW year?

As we begin a new year, I love to reflect back on the previous year. Remembering the good and bad, the lessons and the triumphs. This year had many life changes for me. We had a daughter get married, a son moved out, and another son and daughter (the twins) moved into an apartment together. I became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, and received further education with Osmosis Professional skincare. I love that company!

My goals for the year: more kindness, fluidity in life, growing health and mindfulness awareness.

What excites you? Is there a hobby you've wanted to start? Is there an activity you want to try? Do it! Why wait? I have found that writing down some goals for the year, month, week or even a broader space like "somewhere in my future", helps my brain align to create that into reality. For the last few years, I have been creating a vision board. It is so fun to do with a friend. Put on some big and small dreams. Why not!

Let's talk a moment about skincare. I have a lot to say, but for now I'll be brief. I work with a professional line called Osmosis Beauty. It is a disruptive company! What does that mean? Well, when the beauty industry goes one way, mostly we go the other. Dr. Ben Johnson, creator of Osmosis, is a doctor that created Osmosis to diagnose and fix the problem, instead of covering it with a band-aid. We don't peel and burn the skin, we replenish it with nutrients, we grow a healthier skin. Check out #askdrben on Spotify and he will explain this very real, logical approach to beautiful skin.

This is a RevitaPen facial. I use a nontoxic 2.5 Vitamin A, with added vitamins, to give you a collagen boost in 30 days. No downtime, no pain! This facial helps with: Elasticity, pore size, texture, eveness of skintone, healing and fine lines and wrinkles. A bargain at $150!

My pricing has changed a bit. All prices have been updated to reflect my increase. I appreciate all of you, returning and new! I am always striving to give you the best knowledge in the business.

I look forward to hearing about your new year ideas when you come in for your next treatment! Maverick is waiting to cuddle you.

Peace love and light!

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