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Now Offering Private Yoga!

It's official, after over 20 years I am a yoga teacher. I am so excited! I took my first yoga class at 15, when I used to travel to NYC for acting classes. I am a trained dancer, so yoga felt so good on my body back then and still does now. Yoga isn't about some crazy poses you see on social media. Yoga is a beautiful combination of breath and movement. It quiets the mind. I have learned so much over the last year, and I am ready to share with you!

I have over 200 hours of training under my belt, and I am currently back in yoga instruction to receive my 500 hour credentials. I can teach all types of yoga, but love vinyasa flow, yin and restorative the most. I would love to come out to you for private yoga classes. I will create a class, based on your level of mobility and strength. No need to already BE flexible, that is something we will work on together.

Soon I will also be offering classes in Roswell, in a group environment.

Required: comfy clothes, yoga mat. I will advise if any other props are needed.

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